Ashley Borden interval-training

Q: What is interval training?

A: Interval training is short for High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT. During HIIT workouts you alternate between short intense bursts of activity followed by rest periods, rather than keeping one steady pace.

Q: What makes Interval Training better than regular workouts?

A: It’s more efficient. You can burn as many as three times more calories in a shorter period of time. You’ll also experience a great excess post-exercise oxygen consumption — aka EPOC or afterburn – that makes your body burn extra calories up to 48 hours after your workout. And, unlike regular endurance training, you won’t burn as much muscle. On top of that you’ll also increase your aerobic capacity more efficiently than with regular endurance training.

Q: So are you against regular endurance training?

A: Of course not! It all depends on your goal. Endurance training has a ton of mental and physical health benefits but can get monotonous and workouts need to be longer and longer to get the same results. With HIIT workouts, you’ll probably be too exhausted to do one longer than 35 minutes!